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Get a Ticket? ApprovedDrivingSafety Can Help

While getting a ticket is never fun, it's certainly not the end of the world. Fortunately, drivers in Texas can dismiss citations and keep them off their records by completing a defensive driving course. To sweeten the pot, drivers can now take their courses online. No more finding a classroom and a 6-hour block of time that fits your schedule. Work on your course anytime, from anywhere and on any internet enabled device.

How to Make a Ticket Disappear

If you have received a little "gift" from the local constabulary, the first step to making it go away is to secure permission from the court to take a defensive driving course. Step two is to select a course, making sure it is TEA/TDLR approved (like this one). Step three is to complete the course. This is where ApprovedDrivingSafety makes it easy. With short, easy to understand chapters and the ability to start and stop whenever you like, completing a course couldn't be simpler or more convenient. And, with our course, you don't even have to worry about a final exam!

And the Benefits Don't Stop with Ticket Dismissal

After you complete your course, we will send you not one, but two copies of your completion certificate. The first is, of course, for the court. The second is for your insurance company. Most insurance providers offer "safe driver" discounts for policyholders who have completed a defensive driving course. Your lower premiums will stay in effect for three years and the savings are usually enough to pay for the course and any court fees with money to spare. Who knew you could actually make money by getting a ticket?

What If I Get Stuck Along the Way?

Just because we do defensive driving every day, it doesn't mean that you do. If you have a question and find yourself stuck, our goal is to get you unstuck and get you back to getting your course completed as quickly as we can. Were here every day (even holidays) just a phone call, email or live chat away.
What does my $25 get me?
How long is the course?
Do I have to complete it all in one sitting?
How long until I get my certificate?
Is the course just 5 hours of reading?
Absolutely not, we love you way too much to put you through that! The material of our standard course is delivered in a format that is over 50% video and we also have an all video course that is, well, 100% video. It's hard to learn anything while you're asleep and our goal is that you wind up engaged and entertained, not just educated.

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